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In November, SedonaKind celebrates Sedona Kindness Day with a week of kindness activities designed to engage the entire community. The organization plans to make this an annual event.

The week kicked off last year with Mitzvah Day, an intergenerational, interfaith, spirit-led day of community service to organizations and neighbors in the greater Sedona area.  Later in the week, Gratitude Trees were placed around the city. Residents and visitors wrote messages of gratitude on handmade heart-shaped ornaments and hung them on the trees, which were on view through the end of the year at sites such as the library, the airport, and The Collective Sedona in the Village of Oak Creek. 

Hunger was the 2016 theme of Sedona Kindness Day (there will be a new theme in 2017—stay tuned), and the Mary D. Fisher Theatre hosted The Starfish Throwers, an inspiring tale of individuals fighting hunger. All proceeds went to the Yavapai Food Council.

These are just a few of the week-long activities that Sedona Kindness Day inspires.

SedonaKind encourages and promotes acts of kindness throughout the year, beyond Sedona Kindness Day:

  • Kids and adults make Kindness Charms out of broken, recycled and surplus jewelry donations, and disperse them in Sedona and beyond.
  • Sightings of Kindness Charms have been reported in all 50 states and 23 countries so far.
  • Boxes of Love go out to hundreds of unsung heroes in the Sedona area around Valentine’s Day.
  • The KIS program—Kindness in Schools—fosters kindness among our children.
  • Last September, children in West Sedona, Big Park and Mountain View Schools participated in 5,000 acts of kindness in 15 days.

Even more kindness activities take place every day in Sedona. To get additional information about SedonaKind and its wonderful ongoing programs, visit them at

SedonaKind is a project of Cornucopia Community Advocates.

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